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Infrared gas broiler, especially made to cook juicy steaks and other grilled meats. The unit comes with a grid that can simply be adjusted to four different levels. The powerful burner inside are placed over the grid. The unit is able to reach 800°C. This makes it not only fast but it also ensures the high meat quality that customers expect in high-class steak restaurants. The meat's pores are closed rapidly which makes the steaks remain juicy inside. This is how it has to be to meet the customers' expectations!

The unit is completely made of stainless steel. Quick heating up, burner chamber fully isolated. Simple to clean, all parts are easily removable.


 Modell Technische Daten
Infrared-Broiler ISB

Dimensions (WxDxH mm):
1.050 x 960 x 1.100

Connected loads:
NWB 33,00 kW

Warming Drawer ISBS  
Base Frame ISBUG Dimensions (WxDxH mm):
1.040 x 950 x 540

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