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Beef-Grill 20’20


Beef-Grill 20’20 Beef-Grill 20’20

Beef-Grill 20’20

The Beef-Grill 20’20 by UBERT cooks meat products in high end quality. The Beef-Grill 20’20 works at a maximum temperature of about 350°C (surface/product). An innovative solution keeps the external walls of the unit on a surprisingly low level, despite the unit's high operation temperatures. The V-shape-grill reduces dripping fat or liquids by 50% and gives that certain look to the meat products. Combining the unit with griddle or grid the operator can cook various other products such as vegetables, scampi, potatoes and many other popular dishes. Easy cleaning via single grate bars and fold-up/ lockable heating elements.


Model Technical specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH mm):
1050 x 650 x 300 + 15mm feet

usable surface:
951 x 531

Connected loads:
17,1kW, 400V

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