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RoFry Rotation-Fryer RoFry Rotation-Fryer RoFry Gastro-Fryer

RoFry® – Low Fat, More Taste

Rotation fryer for modern gastro concepts

RoFry®, the professional, patented rotation fryer for potato fries and other commercial fried products without the need for deep fry oil.

The RoFry®- rotation fryer implements a three phase cooking process and delivers consistantly excellent results in the shortest of times. The disadvantages of traditional deep friers are completely eliminated. A RoFry® unit pays for itself within months simply through the saving on expensive cooking oil.


pfeil-runter rot 25x13pxHow the RoFry® works:
RoFry Rotationsfritteuse DampfphaseRoFry Rotation-Fryer  Dampfphase
  • Cooking using the unique 3- phase process: recognition – steam – roast.
  • Automatic volume recognition and cooking time adjustment.
  • Intuitive controlls with touch display.
  • Large capacity with automatic basket-emptying function (up to 2 KG /product).
  • Automatic self-cleaning system ASC
Produktinfo öffnenThe RoFry® advantages.
Rofry Prüfsiegel
  • Forget about the high cost of oil, each and every day. RoFry® pays off within a few months.
  • No costs for storing, filling, re-filling, filtering, draining and disposal of oil.
  • No danger of injuries or fire caused by hot oil, no need for mandatory fire-suppression systems, no need for mandatory non-slip tiles or grease traps.
  • Minimal emissions with less odour and low exhaust volume. Lower energy costs.
  • Fully automatic self-cleaning system ASC.
  • The operation is child's play. Automatic unloading. Easy and effective basket slide.
  • High output volume. The high capacity and short cooking times are comparable to a conventional high-power deep fryer.
  • RoFry® cooks all commercially available deep-fry and fingerfood products.
  • Products from RoFry® taste better, full of natural flavor, crisp and golden on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. RoFry® products are healthier, with less fat, less calories, cholesterol and trans fats.
  • RoFry® is protected by international patents and is certified worldwide.
  • RoFry® uses the unique 3- phase process

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