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Chimneyhood Rotisserie

Chimneyhood Rotisserie

Equipped with powerful grill radiators. Each grill spit operated by separate gear motor. Prices including chimney hood, grill spit with long fork, end clamp and spit removal tool. All units are also available in electrical version.


Model Capacity Technical specifications
ÖGG 2G 2 spits

Dimensions (WxDxH mm):
940x 450 x 1150

Connected loads:
NWB: 10,00kW, 230V

ÖGG 3G 3 spits

Dimensions (WxDxH mm):
940 x 450 x 1365

Connected loads:
NWB: 15,00kW, 120V

ÖGG 4G 4 spits

Dimensions (WxDxH mm):
940 x 450 x 1580

Connected loads:
NWB: 20,00kW, 230V

pfeil-runter rot 25x13pxAccessories
  • ÖGG GS100 spit
  • ÖGG FG200 long meat fork
  • ÖGG EK300 end clamp
  • ÖGG SKO125 basket

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