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Perfect professional detergents and care products for heavy-use equipment.

Kote-Spray RF8000
Patented spray to prevent fat from burning into stainless steel surfaces. After use, clear water does the rest of the job.

Spray gun RF 8010
for use of KOTE-spray

Oven cleaner RT GBR, 1 liter
for removing persistent dirt from stainless steel surfaces

Neutral Wash RT NW, 1 liter
neutralizing washing agent

Stainless steel care product EP 015, 1 liter
cleans all stainless steel surfaces striation free

Glass cleaner RT GSR, 1 liter
degreasing glass cleaner

Intense Cleaner
for metal and synthetic surfaces

Spray gun RT SF

Scouring sponge RF 8016, 1 pc.