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Heated water bath. Drain opening. Electrical Bain-Marie thermostatically controlled. Gas Bain-Marie with manual control.


Model Technical specifications:

1/1 GN, downward waterdrain.

IA BM 1030 E
IA BM 1030 G

W 400 mm

Connected loads:
2,00kW, 230V
NWB: 0,90kW

2/1 GN, downward waterdrain.

IA BM 1032 E
IA BM 1032 G

W 800 mm

Connected loads:
4,00kW, 400V
NWB: 1,80kW

3/1 GN, downward waterdrain.

IA BM 1033 E
IA BM 1033 G

W 1200 mm

Connected loads:
6,00kW, 400V
NWB: 2,70kW

Drop In Units

Professional built-in units (only in electrical version) for supplementary incorporation in an existing installation. Suitable for kitchen lines, self-service lines, work tables with stainless steel or granite work plates, free-flow equipment. All units are singly available as drop in units. Version: stainless steel front cover with integrated control devices, other technical version corresponding to a.m. Snack Bar Equipment.