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Thermostatically controlled and additional safety thermostat. Large, direct fat drain. Tube heating with lockable swinging mechanism. Gas fryers with thick-walled, heat storing frying basin made of steel.


 Model Capacity Technical specifications


IA KF 1000 E
IA KF 1002 G

Frying basin for 7 - 9 liters
Lower fat drain.

W 300 mm

Connected loads:
6,00kW, 400V
NWB: 7,00kW


IA KF 1001 E
IA KF 1012 G

 Frying basin for 13 – 16 liters
Lower fat drain.

W 500 mm

Connected loads:
10,00kW, 400V
NWB: 14,00kW

Double Fryer

IA KF 1002 E
IA KF 1022 G

2 separate frying basins for 7 - 9 litres
Lower fat drain.

W 600 mm

Connected loads:
12,00kW, 400V
NWB: 14,00kW

IA KF VH E1  Reinforced heating power for electric 1-Basket-Fryers

2,00kW additional

IA KF VH E2 Reinforced heating power for electric 2-Basket-Fryers


IA KF VH G1 Reinforced heating power for gas-driven1-Basket-Fryers


IA KF VH G2 Reinforced heating power for gas-driven 2-Basket-Fryers


Digital Themometer    

Drop In Units

Professional built-in units (only in electrical version) for supplementary incorporation in an existing installation. Suitable for kitchen lines, self-service lines, work tables with stainless steel or granite work plates, free-flow equipment. All units are singly available as drop in units. Version: stainless steel front cover with integrated control devices, other technical version corresponding to a.m. Snack Bar Equipment.


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