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System Base Units

Made of stainless steel. Equipped with hinged doors or alternatively sliding doors (standard: hinged doors).

    • Base Unit IA US 1100 per metre
    • Interior Dividing Wall IA TW 1132
      for IA US 1100.
    • Switch- and Fuse Box IA SSK 1112
      electrically-driven snack lines for wired connection box.
      Completely equipped with automatic cut-out.
    • Central Gas Connection IA GZA 1115
      for gas-driven snack lines for central connection
    • Frame Drawer IA RS 1120 400 mm
      Including 1/1 gastronorm pan.
    • Drawer IA K 1122
      400 mm
    • Drawer IA K 1124
      600 mm
    • Waste Box Drawer IA AB 1134
      Including removable waste bin made of stainless steel.
    • Feet EDF 450
      Stainless steel feet base for 450 mm high units
    • Fat Removal Can FFK for fryers
      content: 15 litres
      With pouring mouth and carrying sling. Made of stainless steel.
    • Filter Mesh for fryers FF GS
      made of fiberglass
    • Work Plate with larger depth IA AV 750
      Extra price per running meter for cover plate with total depth up to 750 mm.
    • Work Plate with larger depth IA AV 850
      Extra price per running meter for work plate with total depth up to 850 mm.
      Other measurements on request.

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