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Salt Pan


Basic unit incl. 1/1 GN pan. Available in heated and unheated version.


Model Technical specifications
Salt Pan IA FW 1010
W 400 mm
Salt Pan
IA FW 1012 E
IA FW 1012 G

W 400 mm

Connected loads:
2,10kW, 230V
NWB: 2,80kW

Infrared Lamp MS IS,
incl. stand 230V, 0,65kW
(for unheated or electrically heated salt pan)

Special Equipment for Salt Pan

GN pans for Salt Pan.
2/3 GN-pan without lid, but incl. intermediate bar.

Set 2/3 und 1/3 GN pan + lid

Set 2/3 und 2 x 1/6 GN pan + lid

230V, 0,65kW
Perforated Metal Sheet MS BR
for Salt Pan

Drop In Units

Professional built-in units (only in electrical version) for supplementary incorporation in an existing installation. Suitable for kitchen lines, self-service lines, work tables with stainless steel or granite work plates, free-flow equipment. All units are singly available as drop in units. Version: stainless steel front cover with integrated control devices, other technical version corresponding to a.m. Snack Bar Equipment.


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