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Your guideline to plan your personal and individual snack line.

Ubert Snack Bar Equipment with seamless cover meets highest hygienic expectations. The cover plates are manufactured seamless 700 mm deep as a standard and are edged at three sides. All sections for the units are equipped with a circumferential edge. During production the unit elements are incorporated and installed into the cutout measurements. A smooth and even surface remains between the units, which is easy to clean. This design guarantees that no fat can get into the interior. Due to the edges at three sides the whole equipment is also protected at the outside. At extra price all items are also available in Softline version with rounded edges. You can individually determine the depth of the equipment. It is advantageous when you decide for a sufficient depth, because that provides additional surfaces for storing of cooking items e.g. or easily filling the plates, bowls or similar with food. That facilitates and rationalizes the daily work.

The daily cleaning of such seamless snack bar equipment is considerably easier and cost saving. Also the installation and set-up expenses are more favourable compared to a combination of single units. Plan the arrangement of your equipment that way that you save unnecessary ways to go, because time is money.

How you calculate your Seamless Snack Bar Equipment

The positions 1 + 2 + 3 of the above picture show how the equipment is to be calculated. The units shown on the following pages can be combined according to your requirements for capacities or existing size of the site. The combination of the equipment has to be made from the left to the right side seen from operator's view.

1. The addition
The added prices for all chosen single units of the Snack Bar Equipment come to the total unit sum.

2. The front measurements
Only the front measures (width) of the single units result in the total length of the equipment. The price for the base is calculated according to the total length of the equipment units. For that you have to multiply the meter length of the equipment by the corresponding price position on page 35 and you will get the price for the base.

3. Extra price for optional equipment
All prices for optional equipment you will find on page 35. The prices for ventilation hood designs, lengths and accessories you will find on pages 36 - 45.

Please plan the switchboard for the switch and fuse box or the gas central connection always underneath the work plate, where are no drains. Furthermore we recommend the installation of drawers for french fries on the left or right side of the fryer. The drawer is installed in the upper part of the base. The space below the fryer should be reserved for the fat removal can and the fat filter.

If you still have questions now, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be pleased to be at your service.