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UBERT Innovations continue!

UBERT Innovations continue!

The CONVEX®-Combi-Tower CKT2000 from UBERT: UBERT has developed a combined self-cleaning rotisserie and combi-oven.CONVEX®-Rotisserie RT608 and CONVEX®-combi-oven.

The CONVEX®Combi-Tower CKT2000 combines the self-cleaning rotisserie RT608 with a combi-oven in perfect design-harmony. The rotisserie cooking succulent grilled products with inimitable taste.

The continuous rotation of the grill is not only visually appealing, but also helps to create golden brown food products with significantly less weight loss. The combi-oven, equipped with all established operating modes supplies side dishes, gently cooked and thus increases the production capacities.

The CKT2000 appealingly cooks a full meal at the POS: This makes it the ideal solution for the food retail industry.

The essential advantages of the CONVEX®-Combi-Tower are:

  • Self-Cleaning-System SC Automatic self-cleaning for hygiene, cleanliness and optimalequipment maintenance.
  • Complete menü:The CKT2000 offers a complete menu all from one source:Chickens or grilled meats from the rotisserie, side dishes from the combi-oven
  • Combined layout means a small footprint and no long distances between the kitchen and point of sales.
  • World widely unique pass-through system on both units enables double-sided operation of the rotisserie and combi.
  • Software-Update via USB-port.
  • Intuitive operation with brilliant display.
  • Convex glass double doors for perfect product presentation, minimal heat loss and extremely low outside surface temperature.

Please follow this link for more information: CONVEX®-Combi-Tower

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