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UBERT furnishes complete staff restaurant in the courthouse of Siegburg, Germany.

UBERT GASTROTECHNIK has manufactured and delivered the complete counterline for the new staff restaurant in the courthouse of Siegburg, Germany.

In the course of fire restoration the staff restaurant had been redeveloped and refurbished. The architectural office Lepel & Lepel, Cologne, had been instructed to give the old restaurant a fresh and appealing design.

The architectural concept is a new interpretation of the 70ies design, its underlying central idea is "everything flows". Colours, shapes and structures can be found in the very heart of the building as well as on the storefront. You will find the central idea in the floor, in ceilings as well as in the illumination system.The trays are coloured and have round edges and corners.

The outstanding challenge for UBERT's construction and manufacturing were the sloping lines on all front panels and top covers. They have been made of Corian and veneered oak. The cover, made of white SileStone, is sloping down to the tray slide. This was necessary to enable wheelchair users to have free access to the counters.

The daily offer comprises 6 dishes plus vegetables and salad from a buffet. UBERT made and delivered 60 meters of counterlines, all rear counters, cold show cases and grill units as well as a coffee-bar/bistro-concept.

UBERT – as usual – provided all services like planning, manufacture, installation and staff-training turnkey, from a single source.


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