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On October 13, 2016 UBERT celebrated the long-sought grand restaurant opening in Schelle, close to Antwerpen in Belgium. Then, under the eyes of guests and experts, the new concept of star-winning chef Roger van Damme opened its gates.

The up-market establishment “Toque-Tok” fully concentrates on chicken and related food products. The restaurant’s key features are an extraordinary menu as well as an interior that is a perfect mix of cosy atmosphere and state-of-the-art design. (Watch Video)

With a concept that is fully based on chicken products, it is self-understood that the part of cooking chickens was taken over by a rotisserie from UBERT. UBERT and their Belgian distributor managed to place here the stylish Wall-of-Flame-Rotisserie serving the numerous clients from now on with freshly grilled, delicious chickens.

Grilled chickens and egg dishes in many variations dominate the menu of the “Toque-Tok”. The chickens are bred in the region, the maître places great emphasis on the fact that his new concept appears in a regional context. The chickens are grilled gently and slowly on the Wall-of-Flame-Rotisserie, so that the meat becomes tender and juicy and the taste typical and matchless.  

Roger van Damme did not decide on a rotisserie from UBERT without a reason: People have always been captivated by fire. Flickering flames give the grill product an unmistakable and natural taste. No other grilling system can be compared with the natural method of grilling food above an open fire.

UBERT has been manufacturing the Wall-of-Flame-Rotisseries and their unmistakable design for more than 40 years now. The principle, that design normally changes over the decades has been intentionally disregarded in this case. This line of nostalgic rotisseries has a growing community of customers who are looking exactly for this particular and old-fashioned type of design. The fact that these rotisseries work on open fire harmonises with the archaic look of the units. The chain drive, the cast iron gills, the fittings – all these details underline the character of these rotisseries.

You will find more information about all models of the Wall-of-Flame-Rotisserie here:

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