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UBERT introduces new Induction Griddle Plate IGB800

UBERT introduces new Induction Griddle Plate IGB800

Live in action UBERT will show the new Induction Griddle Plate IGB800 for the first time in Hamburg.


The core features of the new unit are:

  • connected loads: 400V, 3/N, 10.0kW
  • dimensions: W800 x D600 x H200 mm
  • Fast preheating times:
    • from ambient to 200°C: only 4 minutes
    • from standby to 200°C: only 30 seconds
  • multi-layer griddle plate with strong aluminium core ensures quick heat transfer
    • temperature does not drop significantly.
    • allows for fast cooking on lower temperatures.
  • low heat emission - easy work
  • precise adjustment, on-demand power control
  • even heat distribution on complete working surface
  • non-stick surface for easy operation, easy cleaning and perfect cooking results

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