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UBERT introduces PremiumLine – The first Deli cabinet with inbuilt Thermoflex holding modules

With the brand-new series PremiumLine, UBERT introduces the new high-end generation of cubic Deli cabinets. Design specialists have redesigned all the details of our cubic cabinets. PremiumLine’s black design is in line with the current trend in the business.

The new designed, filigree glass frame enhances the view on the food products in the cabinet.

PremiumLine is the successor model of our CUBE cabinets. By standard it comes with black glass frame and corpus.


Thermoflex - the new innovation - made by UBERT - with unique holding technology.


The new PremiumLine with Thermoflex holding modules creates a seamless presentation area that can be flexibly and continuously equipped.


Thanks to the one large heating surface, the presentation of food in the new PremiumLine counter can be arranged completely freely and according to the time of day. You can freely choose pots, bowls and dishes and place them as you wish.

The counter becomes a set table; dishes and arrangement get an individual touch every day.


For easier loading of the cabinet and cleaning of the glasses, glass doors can be easily opened on the operator's side as well as on the front.


A completely new lifting mechanism enables the front glass to be held in any position. Meanwhile, the powerful gas lifts are elegantly concealed.


PremiumLine uses modern, energy-saving and robust LED technology for optimal illumination of the cabinet and presentation of food products. The new, special radiant heating elements are spatially separated from the light strip and are regulated to the degree via electronic thermostatic controllers. The seamless flat layout of the elements enables easy cleaning.

The combination of heating elements above and Thermoflex holding modules below ensures compliance with the HACCP guidelines.

PremiumLine with GN-pans

For those who like the black design but do not require the Thermoflex holding modules UBERT offers all models of PremiumLine alternatively with a grid of GN-pans from 3x 1+1/3 to 7x 1+1/3 as you know from other UBERT Deli cabinets. This version comes with a heating system similar to our ClassicLine-counters: a combination of convectional air and air humidification.

Finally, PremiumLine Deli cabinets will be available as refrigerated counters as well.