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Objekteinrichtung Stadien und Multifunktionsarenen

Stadium + Arena interiors

At the center of stadium gastronomy stands a concept that guarantees maximum turnover in limited time. The food shops are planned by UBERT's experienced engineers and technicians down to the smallest detail to ensure a smooth sales process even at times of peak demand. Our practical know-how, powerful equipment and modern technology guarantee a profitable investment and maximum output.


Objekteinrichtungen für Stadien und Multifunktionsarenen

(vormals Colorline-Arena) Hamburg

Unique multifunctional arena with 16 different theme shops.

volkswagen-arena1 plus


Modern and elegant soccer-arena close to the famous VW-Autostadt. Fans can buy snacks at more than 20 food outlets.

veltins-arena1 plus


Sanctuary of German soccer providing 36 food stations from UBERT. Seats for over 60.000 people and more than 100 non-soccer-events per year.