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Free-Flow-Restaurant Interiors

Reference Sky Loop at Stuttgart Airport

Sky Loop at Stuttgart Airport

Reference University Hospital, Münster

University Hospital, Münster

Reference Majowa, Bern

Majowa, Bern, Switzerland

Reference IKEA, Kaarst

IKEA, Kaarst

Reference Kreishaus Siegburg

 Kreishaus, Siegburg

Reference Rewe, Rodgau

Rewe, Rodgau

Reference Stryker, Freiburg

Stryker, Freiburg

Reference Studentenwerk of the University of Cologne

Studentenwerk University of Cologne, Cologne

Reference OTTO, Hamburg

OTTO, Hamburg

Reference METRO Marl B 3

METRO Marl B 3

Reference MBtech

MBtech, Sindelfingen

Reference Hofgut Sternen, Breitnau

Hofgut Sternen, Breitnau

Reference Porta! – Furniture houses, Berlin

Porta! – Furniture shop, Berlin

Reference HDI, Essen

HDI, Essen

Reference Airbus, Hamburg

Airbus, Hamburg

Reference Allwetterzoo Münster

Allwetterzoo Münster

Reference Porta, Neuwied

Porta, Neuwied

Reference St.-Georg-Klinikum, Eisenach

St.-Georg-Klinikum, Eisenach

Reference Pfeiffersche Stiftung

Pfeiffersche Stiftung, Magdeburg

Reference Landhaus Jammertal

Landhaus Jammertal, Datteln

Reference Telefonica Headquarters, Madrid

Telefonica, Headquarters, Madrid, Spain

Reference Bilfinger Power Systems GmbH, Oberhausen

Bilfinger Power Systems GmbH, Oberhausen

Reference Hella KGaA Huek&Co., Recklinghausen

HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co., Recklinghausen

Reference Kaiser's Tengelmann Mülheim

Kaiser’s – Tengelmann, Headquarters, Mülheim a.d.R.

Reference Karstadt LeBuffet, Dusseldorf

Karstadt LeBuffet,

Reference Gerry Weber AG, Halle/Westphalia

Gerry Weber AG, Halle/Westphalia

Reference  thyssenkrupp AG, Dusseldorf

thyssenkrupp AG, Dusseldorf

Reference Merk KGaA, Darmstadt

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt

Reference Federal Ministry of Finance, Bonn

Federal Ministry of Finance, Bonn

Reference porta Furniture houses Frechen

porta! – Furniture shop, Frechen

Reference porta Furniture houses Wiedemar

porta! – Furniture shop, Wiedemar

Reference porta Furniture houses Zwickau

porta! – Furniture shop, Zwickau

Reference porta Furniture houses Altwarmbüchen

porta! – Furniture shop, Altwarmbüchen

Reference Furniture Heinrich Hameln

Furniture Heinrich, Hameln

Reference SQL Carbon, Bonn

SGL Carbon, Bonn

Reference Saueressig, Vreden

Saueressig, Vreden

Reference Siemag Teckberg, Haiger

Siemag Tecberg, Haiger

Reference Europaforum, München

 Europaforum, Munich

Reference Volksbank Mindener Land, Minden

Volksbank Mindener Land, Minden

Reference Furniture-frankenthal-plus

Furniture Ehrmann, Frankenthal


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