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Our Company Philosophy

All ressources concentrate on research, development and production of innovative products, which meet the actual and future standards as well as the highest quality requirements.

Consequently customized all our activities are exemplary within our industrial sector and our special trade business.

Standard of Performance

Our main competence is based on Front-Cooking-Equipment. We are the experts in products for merchandising at the point of sales.

Our customers worldwide are Fastfood- and System-Restaurants as well as Event-, Theme- and Free-Flow Restaurants. We furthermore supply supermarkets, department stores, deli and convenience stores as well as butcheries, bakeries, petrol stations, showmen and amusement parcs.

For all of these target groups Ubert not only delivers single devices but turn key solutions also. We attach major importance to an extensive advisory service to our customers. Our planning department has the customers specific concepts and layouts. Foodservice equipment and shopfitting with no obstacles and interfaces exclusively carried out by us only, followed up by installation, training, instructions, maintenance and after sales service.


Since the start of Fast-Food-Business the company has decisively pioneerd and formed the trade. Our inventive achievements like Currywurst slicer, snackbars with seamless cover, rotisseries with a combination of infrared and convection, cold merchandizers being identical in design and measurements to hot merchandizers, epicyclic gear for gas rotisseries, deli merchandizers and last but not least the RoFry - our revolutionary frying system, have turned out to elementary components in todays worldwide gastronomical concepts.

Our experienced management team will continue to recognize trade trends at once and realize the essential products for tomorrows needs steadily.

Rapid technical processes and dynamic changes within the market require permanently intensive training sessions for our employees. That is why a highly qualified structure of engineers and a consequent training belongs to the core strategies of our company.


The entrepreneurs Harald and Margitta Ubert founded the company in 1965. Since its foundation the company is exclusively busy with research, developement and production of Food Service Equipment.

Ubert has grown rapidly from a craftmans establishment into a leading manufacturing company of gastronomic technology. The continuity of our management combined with the ambition to offer perfection and quality have signposted the way of the family business to our commercial success.

Today the company Ubert employs more then 150 employees working in two most modern factories and being capable to produce equipment which is known for highest reputation worldwide.

Also in the future our R&D engineers will extensively search for best solutions to find technical innovations in order to maintain Uberts leading market position.

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